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Women Only Concealed Carry

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According to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, nearly three quarters of persons holding an active license to carry a concealed handgun in the state of New Mexico are male, and nationally a typical CCW (concealed carry weapon) class will have 9 men to every woman.  This has led traditional co-ed firearms training courses to be unintentionally skewed toward the needs, and interests of the male participants.   Women, however, often have distinct training priorities, that deserve equal treatment.  To help meet the needs of all clients, Triad Defense is proud to offer Women Only Concealed Carry classes.  These classes offer all the rigorous instruction provided in the traditional, co-ed Concealed Carry course but in an environment that acutely focuses on concerns, issues and the unique requirements of women who desire to carry concealed firearms.  The following topics are covered in the standard co-ed course; however they are detailed more extensively in the class for Women Only:

  • Choosing the right firearm for your unique requirements
  • Choosing a method of carrying your firearm
  • Safety in the home with regard to children
  • Protecting your family in and outside of the home
  • Alternative methods of personal protection
  • Instruction on the use of pepper spray

 As in all courses offered by Triad Defense, all course applicants undergo a basic background, public trust vetting process, which is conducted by Triad Defense. Triad Defense reserves the right to decline services to any applicant based on prior criminal activity, domestic violence convictions, existing restraining orders, or DWI convictions within 5 years of application for this training. This class is scheduled on a monthly basis. Please check our calendar postings for the next available course. This training is also available on a private group basis. Please contact David P. Brown directly by telephone (505) 814-4128, or email at for details.


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