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Security Guard Training

My Is Ina Luna. I’ve worked in security for several years in Albuquerque and in California. I went through Level 2 and Level 3 training with Mr. Brown and he was able to make sure I was actually trained in all areas, laws and rights, tactical training and being confident and informed about firearms. He gave me one on one time even though he is a very popular busy man. I enjoyed and was honored to have learned from Mr. Brown and his colleagues. They welcome you with open arms. As an open member of LGBT community and a lesbian, I’ve been in situations where I did not exactly feel safe or welcome. With Mr. Brown at Triad/Four Winds Martial Arts Academy, I felt both welcomed and accepted as a person. Mr. Brown has a very amazing background and is able to reach people in a way I have never seen. My wife and I plan to join Mr. Brown for our conceal and carry license and we are both looking forward to it. Many many thanks Mr. Brown - it was an honor.

Ina Luna
David Brown

Organically rich classroom. Spontaneous and diversity of knowledge, transparency of tactics. David enriches the lives of all communities including +, through his spontaneity and passion. His presentation helps energize, keeping people focused on safety and property security. His passion for people is second to none. His sense of humor balanced poignant and pertinent. David gave me his confidence for 10 years. Years ago l seeked out security as my calling, as my career. He fostered my weaknesses and strength to show me how to put them into good use and be highly successful with them. He gave me confidence to excel , to learn and to experience. With his guidance and working knowledge of all facets of the industry including maneuvering successfully through the system and government entities.

His edicts and his views on how to read situations, how to pay attention (EG detail). How to write reports that are competent and complete. While being respectful to all parties that I interact with on a day-to-day basis. His passion to protect  people, drives him to be an instructor that brings him to the front by wanting success for all and this is how he keeps his energy alive. Vibrant forethought to each question I have ever asked. He answers it with character and compassion that I have not seen matched by very many instructors in my lifetime.

He has depth of culture and station to communicate to any individual during his instruction. Has real world experience second to none. Has verbal judo to defray virtually all situations until action must be taken which you will learn and be confident to stop the threat.

Stephan Stoffler
Self Defense Extraordinaire!

Mr. David Brown and his friendly and professional high-caliber staff at Triad are THE BEST!

My name is Mario MacLean and I’ve been working as Level 3 Armed Security Officer going on two years now and I’ve been working in the security field cumulatively now here Albuquerque, NM for about four years. I’ve trained with guys who have credentials that say they are competent enough to train people but Dave and his team actually train you!--- on the range----in the trenches----side by side with you! You will never be more prepared to carry a firearm concealed as well. As busy as Mr. Brown is due to his popularity, he still always manages to make you feel like you’re the only one in his class with his personalized one-on-one approach and no-nonsense, no fluff, straight-shooter style of serious training that is vital to prepare for and survive in a dangerous career in a city like Albuquerque. David stands out as a man of integrity. …of honesty…..and one where honor lives in his heart. With such an impressive background in law enforcement, extensive list of credentials, and obvious passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with his students, Mr. Brown is who I go to and count on for my continuing education, training, and re-certifications. I, without hesitation and with the utmost sincerity encourage you to go to Dave Brown at Triad Defense for all of your defense training needs.

Mario MacLean– Level 3 Security Officer

Albuquerque, NM
As a 17 year, 5 Combat Tour, US Army Veteran whose career was spent in Criminal Investigations Division I am thankful to have finally found an individual in New Mexico who is qualified, competent, knows the law, sticks to it relentlessly and places public and officer safety in the highest echelon of daily training. This type of training is on par with the best soldier and police training available. As a proud NM Security Guard Card III graduate I would recommend only the training course offered by David Brown at Triad Defense and Four Winds Martial Arts Academy!

K. Haufman, LTC, USAR (R)
I recently completed the Concealed Carry Class offered by Triad Defense. Was it what I expected? No. It was much more than what I expected. I found David Brown and his top notch staff extremely knowledgeable & professional in all aspects of our 3 day course. I attended the full twenty-hour class that David offers. I understand that the State of NM only requires fifteen-hours. For someone who knew very little about firearms and self-defense, I was extremely pleased with all the individual attention I received. Each and every question I had was thoroughly answered. There is no question in my mind as to where and when I can use my firearm in self-defense. I even learned basic self-defense techniques. David’s staff stressed above all, the importance of gun safety. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about firearm operations and safety.

Bob C, PharmD
I have known Mr. David Brown for over 10 years, both as a police officer and representing Triad Defense. He has impressed me as a dedicated, no-nonsense professional, who also cares about his community.

When I decided to obtain my level 3 certification, I immediately thought of David and Triad Defense. His classes were uniformly excellent, well prepared, and most importantly, the relevance of our actions. The laws pertaining to armed level 3 guards are very specific and if we deviate from them, we leave ourselves and our employers open to both criminal and civil litigation. Therefore, it is imperative for Mr Brown to fully teach and explain, in detail, the possible consequences of those actions. 20 hours is very short period of time to adequately cover the law, but in my opinion, he and his staff do an outstanding job of preparing students to go out and perform their assigned duties in an exemplary manner.

As both an enlisted and commissioned officer with 23 years of active duty, I can confidently state that Mr Brown does an excellent job as an instructor. His graduates of these level 1,2, or 3 classes will be and are an asset to any security company. During the weapons phase of training, David and his staff operated in an absolutely safe manner, with a ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor. Students are well prepared to excel on the range and in the field.

I highly recommend Mr Brown and Triad Defense for any of his training classes, as he goes above and beyond the requirements to ensure all his students not only know the law, but how and why they need to respond in any situation they may encounter.

James Edmiston, Maj, USA, Retired

“ David Brown of Four Winds Martial Arts Academy is an incredible instructor. I was required to participate in two courses that he offered for my job; although they were a requirement, David Browns attitude and professionalism made me excited to show up to every session. He takes the time to share his knowledge and skills while making sure everyone is prepared and properly trained for the future. I look forward to taking more courses with him. “

Many Thanks,

Alexander Bayuk

Coming from a military veteran, I came to David not knowing anything about the process of getting my guard card. From the very beginning he told me the ins and outs of what to expect, the money involved, the process of applying and everything in-between. I needed to get my card as soon as humanly possible, and I thought that "there's no way anyone would be willing to do this for me on such short notice." I was right, everyone but David. As soon as I told him my situation, he agreed to get me to training that week. The training was extremely thorough and educational. He even taught me things about the field that were beyond the standards of the state. As the training went on, we even became friends. He is extremely knowledgeable in his self-defense and gun crafts. I can tell that his teaching skills are time-tested and proven. Thick skinned and funny, he's the real deal. I left knowing so much about the field that I'm utterly confident in my new career. I don't think I would have gotten that anywhere else in the world. Take it from me, if you want solid training and education with a teacher that takes your well being and training before his own wellbeing, David is your guy.”

D Duran
I recently relocated to Albuquerque from Los Angeles. I am a licensed BSIS ca security guard and currently working on a degree in criminology. I made the decision to obtain my N.M. guard card.

Having spoke to David Brown on the phone about his company and training method I decided to enroll in his course. I was immediately impressed with his style of instruction. David genuinely cares about each and every one of his students and wants each to succeed. His courses are very comprehensive, and he works seamlessly with students who need extra assistance in certain areas. David is an incredible instructor and my advice to anyone seeking level 1,2 or 3 licenses, is that Triad Defense is definitely the absolute right choice.

Glen M.
I want to express my gratitude for the experience and info I had while training with you. It was fascinating and quite eye opening. I respect your wisdom and honesty on the industry, and life in general. I have worked in all sorts of fields, and attended many a job interview. All have left an incredibly bitter taste in mouth, with an underline disdain for corporate culture. Your honesty, legitimacy and sincerity is refreshing! I look forward to continuing my level 2 and 3 and concealed carry training with you sir. I know you have our best interests in mind, and to me that's priceless! I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday David. May God bless you and yours! Feel free to share my thoughts.


Matthew Bols
My name is Don Jochem and I am writing to give my highest recommendation for Mr. David P. Brown and his security guard training academy – Triad Defense, Albuquerque, NM. I am a retired Special Agent of the FBI with 27 years of service in Virginia, Texas, Ohio and New Mexico. After retirement in 1998, I also served as a Special Agent in the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, Investigations Division, Santa Fe, NM from 2005 to 2014. During March, 2018, my grandson expressed an interest in becoming a licensed security guard in the state of New Mexico. Mr. Brown and his training academy were recommended to us by a training professional in the Santa Fe area.

My grandson and I met with Mr. Brown at his academy located at 1427 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM. We were impressed by his facility and by his friendly and professional demeanor, learning that he has an extensive law enforcement and martial arts background. My grandson enrolled and, over the next month, completed the Regulation and Licensing Department’s required training for security guard levels 1, 2 and 3. My grandson has received his New Mexico level 3 security guard license, as well as his New Mexico concealed carry permit, through Mr. Brown.

During my grandson’s training, Mr. Brown welcomed my attendance in the classroom for the academic, self-defense/tools, first-aid and firearm handling instruction as a law enforcement professional. Mr. Brown’s personal experiences as a law enforcement officer were invaluable to the students and I was able to cite some of my law enforcement experiences as well. I also attended the firearms qualification conducted by Mr. Brown and his staff at a well-equipped, independent outdoor firearms range near Edgewood, NM. I found all aspects of the programs given by Mr. Brown and his staff to be professional, well-presented, comprehensive and demanding, leaving his students fully prepared to meet the personal, physical and legal demands for working as security guards in the state of New Mexico.

Again, I highly recommend Mr. Brown and his training academy and staff for professional security guard training and I also note that Mr. Brown offers refresher classroom training at his academy on Friday afternoons, at the end of the work day, free of charge to his graduates.

Don Jochem, Special Agent, FBI – retired

Santa Fe, NM

June, 2018
I was looking for an instructor who teaches Level 1, 2, and 3 Security Guard classes, and David Brown came highly recommended from a friend who is retired law enforcement. The classes were offered regularly which accommodated my busy schedule. What impressed me most was not only his extensive law enforcement, military, and martial arts background, but his passion for teaching, professionalism, candor, and high standards. David has a pragmatic, straightforward approach that keeps you alert and ready. After completing the Security Training classes, I came away feeling accomplished knowing that I was better equipped to go home alive and well at the end of the day. With David's classes you get it all; personal defense, verbal diplomacy, legal use of force, marksmanship, legal review, the list is extensive. So whether you want to get certified as a security guard, get your Concealed Carry license, take personal defense or martial arts classes, David Brown and Triad Defense is the place to go. Your time, effort, and money will be well invested. I have no doubt that you will come away from his classes with a survivor's mindset and an improved ability to think clearly, act decisively, and react swiftly and judiciously if you are ever in a situation where your life is in danger.>

Laurie Vigil ~ Special Education Teacher and Level 3 Security Guard
I attended and passed Triad Defense’s New Mexico Concealed Carry Course (CCW) October, 2017. Mr. Brown is far and above the finest instructor, presenter and shooting range master that any person who desires a premier curriculum could wish. Beyond the prescribed State Mandates, Mr. Brown emphasizes the critical areas which occur prior and most importantly after a defensive shooting. Decades of military, law enforcement and martial arts has honed Mr. Brown’s realist approach to the most salient points required for an individual to be armed 24/7 and learn to be completely responsible for the mindset and actions this undertaking requires.

You may ask my qualifications to submit such a recommendation. I have trained traditional Okinawan Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Karate and other martial arts for 45 years. I continue to train daily and teach daily. The defensive and offensive tactics are well honed over these past years and this knowledge translates into knowing who is real and who is not. Sifu Brown is the real deal, period. So, do you want mediocre or the best?

John R. Swenson
Mr Brown,

I want to thank you for the training you conducted this past weekend for Transit Enforcement. Our Director Mr Rizzieri pulled me a side this morning and asked how it went. I told him that I learned more in (1) 20 hr block of training this past weekend than i had in the previous 20 yrs put together. Unfortunate, but true. I also spoke with our Union President, Tomas Romero last night. He was super excited to hear about our experience and asked for your information. He said their Dept is searching for a trainer and he will pushing their Director to use you to train City Security... Have a blessed day!!
I have recently relocated to Albuquerque, NM and was very determined to work as an armed security guard. I found David Brown and Triad Defense while looking for certified instructors. Mr. Brown spoke with me personally over the phone and gave me a great deal of information and explained the process and requirements needed to obtain my Armed Security Guard license. Mr. Brown was very flexible working with me to obtain the training ASAP and financially as well. I completed Level 1,2 and 3 required trainings within a week’s time frame and completed the concealed carry training requirement for the state as well! Mr. Brown has amazing experience background in the law enforcement, military and security fields and very knowledgeable. He explained the materiel very clearly and stressed the importance of it as well. Mr. Brown is also very resourceful when it came to helping me find work with my new security license and is well connected in the law enforcement/ security fields. Mr. Brown and the Triad Defense offer more programs such as self defense classes, tactical shooting and more. I will definitely be coming back for more training to further advance myself.

Julian McMillon
"I recently had the pleasure of meeting and training with Dave and his staff and I walked away with sense of enlightenment due to the years of experience and knowledge that these guys brought to the training. Dave and his staff were very knowledgeable in the laws and and rules pertaining to my specific field of work. I had a great training on the range as well, the staff was intense and informative on the range as well. They made sure that you understood the importance of handling and discharging your firearm correctly. I left the training with a sense of renewed knowledge when it comes to my job and I am an officer now. Thanks David and Triad defense."

Julian McMillon
"I have now done all my security guard training level 1-3 with Mr. David Brown at Triad defense. The techniques and knowledge that Mr. Brown and his staff have provided is unsurpassed and is absolutely on point. I have applied this knowledge and the techniques taught by Mr. Brown on many occasions and have yet to encounter a situation I could not handle or as of yet resolve professionally and peacefully due to my training. Mr. Brown stresses discipline, patience, and professionalism and is passionate about making sure you are mentally and physically equipped to do your job and make it home to your family everyday. Mr. Brown is always there for you when you have questions and will always make sure you get an accurate answer. Mr. Browns staff is also the best sharing Mr. Browns commitment to making sure you have the tools and knowledge to succeed in the field as a professional security officer. I trust Mr. Brown and Triad defense 110% with any future training and you should to. If you want to be the best do your training here."

-Terry Bell Harris
"A good friend of mine who is a retired Navy Seal referred me to Mr. Brown for firearms training. I am most grateful he did. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend one of Mr. Brown's courses and I learned a great deal about safety in working with firearms, how and when to use one, and the importance of developing good habits in using a firearm. I hold Mr. Brown in the highest regards for the care and effort he put into making sure we learned the course requirements and beyond. I highly recommend Mr. Brown to anyone interested in obtaining firearms training. He possesses the experience and unique qualities to undertake the responsibility in training others on the various aspects concerning firearms!"

"Superior instruction in a highly professional environment. As a retired Marine and former Marine Corps Classroom Instructor (EWTGLANT Little Creek), I didn't know what to expect from the Level 2 Course I attended. I was very impressed. Great facilities and a small class, which allowed for a lot of one-on-one instruction for students of a highly varied background. Equipment is top notch, and the Assistant Instructors brought their "A" Game. The final practical was conducted in an environment that was highly realistic and drove home the key elements of the previous days' instruction. I will be back for further training".

Semper Fi,
-Stuart B (Maj USMC (Ret))
I heartily recommend Mr. Brown's training for anyone remotely considering starting in the security field. Mr. Brown presented a very engaging, interesting and evenly paced class that kept everyone on their toes throughout. He kept all students involved and does not accept a 'sit back and relax' approach from anyone in the class. This was great and I personally learned a tremendous amount from attending. Especially enjoyed the role plays and Mr. Brown's descriptions of scenarios to help put abstract ideas into context. My money was very, very well spent for what I will be able to apply in the field.

Ultimately, it is the people like Mr. Brown who have dedicated their lives to serving and care passionately about their professions, who are creating the new reality, expectations and standards of professionalism for nextgen security personnel everywhere.

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Wonderful class, wonderful mentor, wonderful information, 5 stars, will always recommend going to Triad Defense for any sort of training especially security training, thank you to [Sifu] Brown. I appreciate the training and will make you proud as you made me.

-Brandon Jones
I recently had attended the Level 1 Security Guard Certification class. As someone who's made it a career, both in the military and as a civilian, I'm impressed.

This is not just a cut and dry class that caters to a test. It's engaging and gets you thinking. David actively brings his experiences as examples while using real world scenarios to help students see just how much this industry has evolved and that the expectations of what a security officer is expected to know and do is higher than ever.

You want the best training you can get. It's right here.

-Burton Rominger
I recently took one of Mr brown's level 1 guard card classes. It was really fun and enjoyable. I was really impressed how fluent and smooth the lecture went and how he was able to touch on all bases of the job and other industries that coincide with each other, so that the students have a better understanding how all this applies in the world today. I personally enjoyed how MR Brown was able to answer side question with great depth and still continue the lecture on time.

-Joey Fordonski
Mr. David Brown is a top notch trainer, he is the best of the best. I have had police training, that I got nothing out of. I am very glad I took training from David.

-Tony Rael
I recently attended the Level 2 Security Officer Certification class taught by David Brown, Special Projects Manager of Triad Defense, and I am truly impressed.

The class encompasses all of the elements necessary for a Security professional to expand both their knowledge and proficiency in their field. Beyond just the legal and technical aspects of carrying out the duties of Level 2, the course also provides the operator with the philosophy and principles that make the difference between “just doing the job” and knowing how to be a professional in the Security Industry.

The physical training: unarmed, handcuffing and baton use were excellent and provided me, as a student with both the ability and the confidence to successfully control any situation that might arise as a Security Officer. I highly recommend to anyone in the Security field, either just starting or a Level 1 Officer looking to grow in the industry, TAKE THIS COURSE!

-Bryan Carter
Dear Mr. Brown;

I would like to thank you and your fine staff at Triad Defense for providing such a high level of training to the security officers of our company. Your professional standards go far above and beyond the standard “norm” currently available or minimum standards required. Our officers are better prepared than ever to handle the “real life” situations and provide the highest professional service our clients expect. I offer my highest recommendation to my colleagues, peers, subordinates and individuals of security professionals in referring them to you and your staff at Triad Defense for truly exceptional training. Let me also offer my deepest appreciation for all your hard work and dedication to the security industry.

Inspector Troy Dunn
Director of Operations
Associated Security Industries
My name is Jaime Rodriguez, S/O at a high volume of traffic and frustration state building in Albuquerque N.M. My job relies 85% or more to be able to think and react on a split moment. Days after I underwent training, I was assaulted by a male twice my size and my reaction was textbook to how Instructor Brown trained me to do. Thanks to his training no one was seriously hurt. I recently underwent training for level 2 [Security Guard certification] and can't wait for Level 3 training!! Best experience ever!!! I would highly recommend Instructor David Brown and all his awesome staff at Triad Defense.

-Jaime Rodriquez

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