David Brown

  Owner, Triad Defense



Tactical Knife Training

4-hour seminar


Knife-fighting tactics are found in every culture and martial discipline throughout the modern world. Sifu Brown’s approach to teaching the use of a knife in self-defense has evolved from four-and-a-half decades of experience in the martial arts, as well as 25 years of law enforcement experience. His philosophy is based on the preservation of life; the mindset is one of law and survival; the physical techniques are founded on human physiology and proper body mechanics.

Sifu Brown believes that the decision to use a knife in self-defense must be based on the same decision-making process that is the foundation for the use of a firearm: ability, opportunity, and jeopardy. These three elements must be present to use potentially deadly force. Training begins with understanding the use of deadly force and violent crime laws in the State of New Mexico. Law, as it pertains to the legality of various types of knives, is also taught. The course is comprised of a one-hour block of legal foundation, which includes use-of-force decision-making criteria, and three hours of fundamental knife-fighting techniques, including:

  • When, where, how and what type of knife to carry
  • Knife nomenclature
  • Target areas
  • Attacking patterns
  • Foot work
  • Defense vs offense
  • Weapon retention
  • Weapon disarming

Q and A:

Who may attend?  Anyone 17 years of age and older who is physically capable of sustaining 3 hours of moderate to intense physical exercise.

I have a 15-year-old who has been in the martial arts for several years. May she attend?  Children under 17 may attend, provided both parent and instructor are aware of their participation. The child must also be capable of accepting direction.

Will live (sharp) blades be used during the training? No.

Do I need to bring anything to the class? No. All training materials, including handouts and training knives, will be provided.

Can anyone attend this training? NO. Just as in our firearms training, all training candidates are screened and vetted via telephone interview and a basic position of public trust background check. The following will disqualify an individual from participating in this training:

    • Restraining order
    • Any conviction or nolo contendere for domestic violence
    • Any felony or misdemeanor convictions for violent crime offences
    • Any felony convictions
    • Undocumented alien status

Where is the training held? Training is conducted at the Four Winds Martial Arts Academy located at 1427 Carlisle NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110.

What is the cost? $80 per person

For further information and/or to reserve a slot in October’s class, call Sifu Brown at (505) 814-4128

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