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Concealed Carry and Other Personal Protection Classes


My wife and I took the concealed carry course offered by Triad Defense. I met David at a recent gun show, and after talking with several instructors, I felt David was the most professional and had the most to offer. I explained we both had not fired a hand gun before and he was responsive to working with new shooters. Scheduling the class was easy. We did not know what to expect going in, but David’s class while thorough was not intimidating. The first day was a long day in the class room and was informative, not boring. We did not have firearms yet and David offered to let us use his equipment so we could get a feel for different guns. The 2nd day was spent at the firing range for qualifying. David and his daughter did an incredible job working with my wife at the range teaching her how to fire several weapons and handle the stress of shooting. We both passed our concealed shooting requirement the first time.

After qualifying , we continued to perform additional shooting drills and got in plenty of live fire. The class offered more than we expected. Choosing David was the best choice we could have made.

Ken Rabidou.
Regarding Tactical Knife training. My son and I found the knife course as taught by Sifu Brown extremely valuable. It was accessible to both experienced martial artists who wish to augment their skill set as well as the complete novice who just wants to feel a bit more confident that they can handle themselves when they are out in the real world and things go sideways. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn a valuable self-defense technique but they aren’t ready to commit to carrying around a firearm. The instructor, Sifu Brown, has decades of experience in martial arts and law enforcement. This has led him to create practical techniques that can be utilized as soon as you walk out the door.

J.A. Garcia, MBA
I recently took the Concealed Carry Class with Triad Defense and found it to be the best/most extensive course I've taken to date. Within the last year I have had concealed carry training greared toward women with emphasis toward building confidence and getting comfortable with a gun. I took this training with another company, but after my initial training I still didn't feel comfortable or very confident in my abilitiy to protect myself nor did I feel proficient with my gun. I found my weekend with Triad Defense to be the most informative and in-depth hands-on training, esp. for a beginner. The instructor and staff were friendly and courteous and very knowledgeable. For me the best part was the focus on weapon safety and manipulation as well as threat recognition, the legalities of gun ownership, and lots of help with my marksmanship . This class is a real confidence builder in a safe atmosphere, both in the classroom and on the range. I highly recommend this course and instructor.

Margie G.


I had the pleasure of taking aCCW course with David Brown of Triad Defense.. This was my first class ever and it was enjoyable as well as very educational. I went from handling my weapon with trepidation and anxiety to feeling like "I CAN do this"!! The time out at the range was a big factor in gaining that confidence...there was always an assistant to help with problems or questions and never did i feel intimidated in asking for help. Certainly a great experience and would definitely take follow up classes with him.

Ruby Z.


Dear David,

I wanted to thank you for accepting me into your Concealed Carry class. I know candidates for your school are selected after an extensive background check on your part and not everyone is permitted to attend and for good reason. Having retired from law enforcement, this was a detail that concerned me. One never knows today what kind of person may be encountered in a “gun class,” and you put my mind at ease by convincing me this was not only an excellent learning environment with experienced trainers, but a safe one. One cannot be too careful when firearms are concerned.

Secondly, your class was very thorough from covering basic handgun mechanics and manipulation to assuring each student was well-versed in firearms safety on and off the range. The State of New Mexico, with all its talk about concealed carry requirements and safety, is really quite lax in its actual requirements for one to acquire a permit. I applaud you for your extensive training methods that go beyond the basic requirements to ensure safety and a good understanding of the legal ramifications of carrying and using a firearm. It is not for the faint of heart.

As I said, having been a law enforcement officer, I appreciate the opportunity to attend top-notch and current, up-to-date training. As you might expect, I found myself thinking it was going to be a long day (classroom training). Instead, the training was so thorough and interesting, I ended up staying 2 ½ hours after my classroom requirement had ended to continue weapons manipulation and drills to reestablish muscle memory that I thought I may have lost. The result was an awesome day of SWAT weapons training and a brilliant refresher for me.

Range day was very professional. At no time did I feel I needed to watch for other students that were not regular shooters. There was absolutely no inappropriate behavior or goofing off. There are far too many dangers on a shooting range to tolerate unsafe behavior. Your knowledge of the State qualification course and how to properly run a shooting qual was outstanding.

Thank you again, David. I wish you the best in continuing to train competent shooters and enable them to safely and tactically maintain their Constitutional right to bear arms.

Stacy S.

As a practitioner of the Martial Arts for the past 30 years, I’ve had a great deal of training with non-gunpowder weapons. I started training in Tai Chi with Mr. Brown several years ago and found him to be an exceptional instructor. Based on our conversations about gun courses, I decided to take the concealed carry gun class that he offers. For a novice such as myself, I found the class to be extremely educational, informative, and presented in a way that was easy to understand. The day spent on the gun range gave me a solid foundation on the proper use and control of a hand gun and it also reinforced the classroom teachings of safe gun usage. Due to Mr. Brown’s gun class, I was able to qualify for my concealed carry license that same day. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in obtaining a conceal carry license, no matter their experience level with a handgun. You will be guaranteed to learn.

William DeThomas
Senior instructor, United Kenpo Academy

The instructors of Triad Defense are an absolutely phenomenal group! The Conceal Carry Course I took had participants ranging from having never shot a handgun before to only needing to renew their Conceal Carry License, and everywhere in between. The instructors were able to work with each individual and the class as whole without diminishing the highest level of quality instruction possible. Even as one of the more experienced members of the class, I learned a lot of great techniques and fundamentals that have made me even more confident around firearms and especially with carry a concealed handgun.

Having taken a different class with a different instructor (and company altogether) a few years back, I can personally attest to the superb quality and expertise delivered by all of the instructors at Triad Defense. I believe there level of instruction and training offered are second to none! I plan to continue my training from this point forward exclusively with Triad Defense.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the experience:


  • Multiple, knowledgeable instructors capable of working with any skill or experience level.
  • Hands-on drills to reinforce the theories taught in the class.
  • Scenario-based exercises during class that (a) reinforce the material being taught and (b) allow participants the ability to think critically about situations they may encounter.
  • Instructors who are able to teach the material in a fun and interactive way. The instructors are serious enough to respect the subject at hand, but also take the time to make the learning fun.


  • The instructors have such a wealth of information and knowledge relating to this subject; it is hard to fit enough time into the class to allow adequate time to thoroughly address all of it!

- Alan S.


I had an opportunity to attend the "Tactical Urban Pistol" and the "Close Quarter Pistol Tactics" courses offered by Triad Defense in Albuquerque and would like to share the experience with anyone considering taking a course(s) like this.

First of all, I am from Southern California and had researched similar courses in my area. Knowing I would be in Albuquerque in mid-June I searched the web and reviewed several companies offering similar courses. I was immediately drawn to Triad Defense after reading the owner/instructors qualifications and background. I read many website home pages and want to say there are many classes offered by instructors who have served in the USMC or Navy Seals or within a civilian police department, but very few instructors that have backgrounds in both military and civilian sectors of law enforcement. I would urge all those comparing to consider the level of instruction Mr. David Brown is able to deliver based on his hands on experience in the field.

After deciding on Triad Defense I thought i would have to decide on which single course i would be able to take, but as I mentioned, I took two courses (for the cost of a single course in CA.). The courses offered at Triad Defense are amazingly affordable. I plan on continuing taking courses at Triad Defense each time I return to Albuquerque.

Now about the courses; they were both all day. Saturday I took the Close Quarters Pistol Tactics course and Sunday the Tactical Urban Pistol course.

The first course was conducted inside a building where there were a number of rooms and props set up over the course of the day providing different scenarios and situations. The idea was to consider different stressful events taking place within your home where you are required to respond. We used air pistols for these exercises. This course really makes you think about how you would/should respond to an armed intruder in your home to protect yourself and your family. These scenarios were based on Mr. Browns real life experiences in law enforcement, and it was evident through his instruction. The course began with instruction on safety, moved to how to handle a pistol, then the situations, and then disarming a person with a pistol and how to defend against someone attempting to take your pistol from you (hand to hand close quarters). Again the experience based instruction was very valuable. I felt completely confident knowing Mr. Brown holds several black belts in several disciplines and that what I was learning was practical and applicable to survival.

The second course was held at the outdoor shooting range. Again this course began with safety ground rules. This was a live fire course where we learned the correct way to load a magazine, hold, carry, aim, shoot, and holster our pistols. We practiced from many different positions including from a strattle position, one leg back, moving forward, moving back, on a knee, sitting, etc. Like the first course, situations were created requiring us to "clear a room", or react to an "attempted" car jacking. Because this was a live fire course using life size targets strategically placed, it was an adrenalin rush from start to finish. A number of responses required us to shoot at 3 different targets during a single exercise.

In summary I would just say that I walked away from the course(s) with a raised sense of awareness regarding the security I can provide my family now. I know much more about situations that happen to normal citizens like myself every day, and how to respond when and if they should arise, so as not to be just another victim. Also, I feel very confident with a semi-automatic pistol now, only having used a revolver before and in a very limited capacity.

It was a pleasure to have attended the course(s) with such a nice small group.

Triad Defense is definitely a top shelf 5 star rated company in my book and I would recommend them to anyone.

Ed G. California


Before I took Triad Defense Conceal Carry Course, I was pretty terrified of guns. Other than handling a shotgun or rifle once or twice in my life, I had absolutely no familiarity with guns. Just picking up a plastic, toy handgun made me nervous. I took this class in the hopes that I would feel a little more comfortable handling a handgun. My expectations were met and exceeded! By the time I completed this class, I finally had the understanding of how a handgun worked and had the confidence in myself to load, unload, handle misfires and ultimately accurately shoot a gun. I never thought that would happen. This class was amazing and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants a conceal/carry permit and for anyone who just wants to increase their confidence with and understanding of handguns.

-Cindy L. Esq.


The hand gun class taught by David Brown of Triad Defense was fantastic. Mr. Brown’s decades long career in law enforcement in combination with his extensive teaching experience made him stand out among the other concealed carry instructors whom I have worked with. During my phone interview with him prior to signing up for the class he was interested in what I wanted to get out of the class. He was professional and still personable and didn’t seem to have a macho attitude or chip on his shoulder. The classroom and shooting range experience was great. I found Mr. Brown to be professional and appropriately personable when it came to helping me with my marksmanship and advice regarding my carrying concealed. His teaching style is clear, concise and objective. As a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree I have to say that I have never met a more effective communicator. Mr. Dunn is also an experienced professional, and a great compliment to the Triad instructional staff. I have since taken follow-on courses with Triad Defense (Urban Awareness- Personal Defense and Tactical Urban Pistol). I found that each training course complimented the other with substantive material. I strongly recommend Triad Defense.

-Donna G. RN, MN
When I took my first class with Triad Defense ( Concealed Carry), I was a complete novice with firearms. My intention was to simply learn the basics, and to gain some minimum of experience handling and firing a handgun. I expected to feel out of my depth, and even a bit embarrassed by how little I knew, and how uncomfortable I was just picking up a gun. I figured I could handle that for a couple of days and then be done. However, that wasn’t the case. David Brown presented information in a manner that was accessible, engaging, and reassuring, without compromising the seriousness of the material. I never once felt like my extra questions were a burden, or that my fears were silly. He and his staff were consummate professionals who helped me gain confidence, with clear, practical, and supportive advice. They never made the mistake of assuming my ignorance of the subject matter equated to lack of intelligence, or that my fear was due to lesser capacity to learn. I was really happy that I took this first step with instructors who have the kind of career and personal experience that David Brown and Troy Dunn possess. In fact, despite my nervous start, I’ve taken further training with Triad and will continue to learn and practice with handguns.

-Mary H.


This class is some of the best training I’ve had! I am a US Army combat medic, and have been for 7 years. I’m also a paramedic as a civilian. So I’m used to training and learning. This class taught me a lot about self-defense and employing a weapon to protect myself. I learned precisely how to handle and fire my guns. More importantly, it taught me how NOT to employ a weapon to protect myself. Anyone can teach someone to draw a handgun and shoot another human being, but this class teaches a much more critical skill of avoiding confrontation altogether by disarming assailants without ever even having to touch them or fire. It also teaches when you should draw or fire. The instructors are highly knowledgeable on firearms, self-defense, martial arts and most importantly, people. Mr. Brown has the ability to communicate his experiences in such a way that everyone learns from them. He also took the time to ensure the competency and comfort of every student. This course offered plenty of one-on- one attention. There were no attitudes or superiority complexes to deal with. You will feel comfortable, welcome and confident.

-Bobby T


Dear David,
I am writing this in response to my visit and participation in your concealed carry class on March 9. I wanted to thank you and also commend you on your training methods. I have been in martial arts since 1968, and have been involved with firearms training since the age of 10, having also spent 4 years as a combat veteran in Vietnam. I served as court appointed bodyguard for victims of domestic violence for 8 years in California, and competed in firearms competition for almost 15 years. Having watched your training techniques first-hand, I would recommend your training to ANYONE. The training is detailed, thorough, and professional. When correcting students, you did so with such positive reinforcement that the negative folded expertly into the positive. Your staff has shown the same professional approach. I would be happy to recommend and endorse Triad Defense.

Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Your friend,
Terrence M. Shea
8th dan TAI Martial Arts, 2nd dan Sang Mu Kwon Tae Kwon do, 2nd dan Jiu Jitsu, 6th dan KenpoF
My husband and I took the concealed carry course offered by Triad Defense as a "refresher". We both previously had a CC license, but felt our shooting skills were a little rusty. This course turned out to be more than a refresher for us. We both came away from the course with a greater knowledge base and improved skills. We had visible improvement by the end of the course and in fact qualified with a score of 100%. We received expert one on one instruction both in the classroom and on the range. We were very impressed by the safety standards set and followed by the Triad Defense team. David's patience and professionalism were only topped by his knowledge and expertise in the field. Without reservation, we recommend this class to any gun owner, whatever their level of experience.

-M. A-Trombley, PA-C

My husband and I have both completed the concealed carry class with Triad Defense over the last two months.

Initially, my husband wanted to explore the responsibility of carrying and protecting himself and our family. He had never carried or shot a handgun prior to his time with Triad Defense. The one on one instruction, thorough exploration of laws, techniques and responsibilities in the classroom, combined with the full day range experience far surpassed his expectations. He was able to qualify with a score of 100%, and feel completely confident and knowledgable in carrying a concealed weapon. Since taking the class with Mr. Brown and Triad Defense, he carries 100% of the time. He was so happy and satisfied with the experience and education he received, he will be completing the next phase of training offered by the Triad Defense team this weekend, the Tactical Urban Pistol Training.

Once I had the opportunity to observe what the experience was like for my husband in the concealed carry class offered by Triad Defense, I was excited to pursue obtaining my own license as well. I took the class with my sister in law and we were both so happy we decided to come here. The class size was so intimate and personal, we were able to really become familiar and comfortable with the laws, concepts of verbal deescalation, responsible carrying techniques and our weapons on the first day. We explored so many real life scenarios and what ifs during the classroom time that there wasn’t anything left for us to wonder about. Our day on the range was just as personal and thorough. Mr. Brown and his instructors were present and involved in the entire day of training while we were on the range. I was able to leave the weekend of training with a respect, understanding, and feeling of confidence for carrying, deploying and managing the responsibility of owning a concealed carry license.

We both strongly recommend the experience that Triad Defense offers to their clients. We left feeling like we are a part of a family of responsible, educated and experienced self defense professionals.

-CJ and Stacy Wilson

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