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Tactical Urban Pistol Class

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Upcoming Schedule: Any type of training offered by Triad Defense may be scheduled independently of the pre-scheduled monthly classes that are listed on the calendar of events. Urban Awareness Self-Defense Training is tailored to the individual requirements and may be scheduled on a private/semi-private basis. Exigent corporate, or private client requirements, for CCW requalification, or advanced security guard training, may be accommodated based on the individual’s schedule. Triad Defense has access to firearm ranges and classroom facilities, seven days a week. Corporate discounts are available.

To register for training please click on this link to view calendar, select the first date of the course you want and follow the instructions to register. Please call (505) 814-4128 with any questions.

CCW and Level 2 and 3 Security Guard Certification training may be scheduled based on agency and private requirements. Please call to schedule a class.

Additional Career Skills Training

Call for information about upcoming classes, or to schedule a class for your private group.

David Brown teaching concealed carry for Triad Defense

Tactical Urban Pistol Course (TUPC) was developed as adjunct training to the Triad Defense Concealed Carry Course.  TUPC brings the serious concealed carry practitioner to a higher level of understanding, skill and appreciation for their art of self-defense and civil protection. The techniques taught in this 8 hour course expose the participant to street and combat hardened principles of police tactics and military urban warfare. TUPC is classified as a moderate to high stress training course.

Participants will receive instruction and practical training to include live fire drills in the following aspects of Tactical Urban Pistol:

  • Range safety
  • Law briefing/current case law
  • New Mexico Concealed Carry Law
  • Personal accountability
  • Basic marksmanship skills/review
  • Shoot, don't shoot decision making
  • Drawing from concealed carry
  • Multiple kneeling positions
  • Multiple Prone positions
  • Engaging from a vehicle driver side
  • Engaging from behind a seated position
  • Multiple lateral movements
  • Intricacies of home defense
  • Clearing of all major live fire malfunctions

Each student is required to provide their own ammunition and firearm. All firearms must be of modern manufacture. Each firearm will be inspected by a Triad Defense official and determined safe to use for this training. A minimum of 200 rounds of their respective caliber will be required to complete the course. Triad Defense will provide all targets. Classes are taught outdoors at the Albuquerque Shooting Range Park.  Training will be discontinued or rescheduled if the weather conditions are such that they pose a safety risk for participants. Extreme cold (below freezing) or heat will qualify as safety risk.

As in all courses offered by Triad Defense, all course applicants undergo a basic background, public trust vetting process, which is conducted by Triad Defense. Triad Defense reserves the right to decline services to any applicant based on prior criminal activity, domestic violence convictions, existing restraining orders, or DWI convictions within 5 years of application for this training. Triad Defense further reserves the right to dis-enroll any participant who, at any point during training, is determined to be unfit to receive further instruction.

This one day course is a must for the gun owner or concealed carry practitioner who is serious about his or her ability to handle their firearm in a stressed environment, in an effective and prudent manner. This class is scheduled on a monthly basis. Please check our calendar postings for the next available course. This training is also available on a private and or group basis. Please contact David P. Brown directly by telephone (505) 814-4128, or email.

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