David Brown

  Owner, Triad Defense



Donna Gordon

Donna Gordon


  • Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing, Pacific Union College
  • Masters’ Degree in Nursing, University of California


  • Operations Logistics Advisor
  • Urban Awareness Self-defense instructor
  • Martial Arts Trainer
  • Apprentice Concealed Carry Firearms instructor


  • NM DPS Concealed Carry Certified
  • NRA Firearms Instructor (#22953007400)
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Triad Defense Tactical Urban Pistol Course instructor
  • Triad Defense Urban Awareness Self-defense Instructor
  • Critical Care Nurse


  • Active participant in Triad Defense Firearms Apprenticeship Program, 2014 to present date
  • Accumulated 3800 hours as a volunteer Firearms Apprentice for classroom and live-fire firearms range operations
  • Areas of Instructor Apprenticeship study: Concealed Carry; Tactical Urban Pistol; Urban AR15; AR15 to Sidearm Transition Course


  • Yang Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Expert
  • Chen Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Practitioner
  • Chi Gung Practitioner, Expert
  • Black belt, Si Feng Wu Gung Fu


Donna began her affiliation with Triad Defense through the Four Winds Martial Arts academy when her son began his martial arts training as a gung fu student in 2001.  Donna began her martial arts training in Yang style tai chi ch’uan and gung fu in 2008. She is a highly skilled martial artist and is highly regarded within the martial arts community, with three grand championship trophies under her belt as an adult competitor. She is currently ranked as a 1st degree black belt in the Si Feng Wu gung fu system as taught at the Four Winds Martial Arts Academy, Triad Defense. She is thoroughly versed in, and highly regarded as a practitioner of Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi Ch’uan. Donna is skilled in hand-to-hand self-defense principles and their applications as well as the practical use of the expandable baton, combat fan, fighting knife and staff.

Patient, methodical and empathetic, Donna is a gifted hands-on firearms instructor with a knack for diagnosing and remedying problems with a student’s ability to handle a firearm efficiently, and to shoot accurately. She is an expert at helping anyone overcome their fear of firearms.

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