David Brown

  Owner, Triad Defense



William De Thomas

Year of Birth:



  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media Communication, State University of NY at Plattsburgh

Position with Triad Defense:

  • Urban Awareness Self-defense instructor
  • Martial Arts Technical Advisor
  • Apprentice Firearms instructor

Synopsis of Firearms Experience/Training

  • Triad Defense Firearms Apprenticeship Program, 2014 to present date
  • Accumulated 865 hours as a volunteer apprentice for classroom and live-fire firearms
  • range operations as of July 2020
  • Areas of Apprenticeship study: Concealed Carry; Tactical Urban Pistol; Urban AR15; AR15 to Sidearm Transitional Course

Martial Arts Training: (36-Years Continuous)

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt, America Kenpo
  • Second Degree Black Belt, Chinese Kenpo
  • First Degree Black Belt, Wushu Kung Fu
  • First Degree Black Belt, Tomiki Ryu Aikido
  • Brown Belt, Judo


Billy currently studies Yang and Chen Styles of Tai Chi Chuan under Sifu David Brown at the Four Winds Martial Arts Academy in Albuquerque NM and has done so since 2013. As an instructor his current expertise is in close-quarters, hand-to-hand self-defense tactics.

Billy has been around firearms all his life. He has been an active participant in the Triad Defense Firearms Apprenticeship Program since 2014. As of June 2020, He has accumulated 865 hours as a volunteer apprentice for classroom and live-fire range time. Although not conducting firearms instruction until he obtains his state certifications, he plays an active role in coordinating, logistics management of all firearms training efforts.

Billy is an expert in the use of alternative weapons for close-quarter fighting, leading up to the use of a firearm. William possesses an eye for detail in all areas of instruction, that comes with over three decades of martial arts teaching and experience. He has a knack for diagnosing and overcoming issues that students may have with either firearms manipulation, basic marksmanship principles, or self-defense techniques.

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