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Facility Threat Response Training

This 2 to 8-hour course was developed to address the potential of a hostile incursion by an individual or individuals into a business environment. Facility Threat Response Training (FTRT) incorporates critical aspects of Active Shooter, Verbal De-escalation, Urban Awareness, and Startle Response Self-Defense training. This course is intended for everyone who works within a closed facility business environment. The training may be presented in your facility or in ours. It may be broken up into blocks of training or presented as a one-day seminar, depending on the needs of your agency.

FTRT develops critical skills within each employee as well as collective skills which, in turn, will enhance the survivability of coworkers, clients and the general public. A written Facility Threat Assessment Evaluation will also be provided to management as part of this training. Attendees of FTRT will be taught critical skills contained in the following independent courses:

  • Urban Awareness Environmental Assessment
    This training develops skills of situational awareness with an eye toward managing confrontations ranging in scope from one-on-one hostile clients to group facility takeovers. Actual case history is reviewed with an eye toward applying learned skills.

  • Verbal Diplomacy: Critical Communication Assessments
    This training, developed for New Mexico Probation Parole officers, creates skills for managing one-on-one hostile clients, basic situational control and basic crisis intervention. This approach develops skills for immediate de-escalation or neutralization of hostilities during initial contacts.

  • Survival Tactics for Active-Shooter Scenarios
    This training addresses actual Facility Security Response in the face of a hostile incursion.

  • Startle Response, Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense
    This training is based on automatic reflex human responses to physical attack. The training enhances a client's natural response by modifying reactions with simple and effective martial techniques. Disarming tactics are also taught.

Each of the preceding topics is presented here in a single 8-hour seminar. Triad Defense also teaches each of these topics independently as an 8-hour course of instruction.

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