Apr 3, 2018

Triad Defense is in the News!

Click here to see David Brown discuss specialized guard training for schools on KOB.



 David Brown

  Owner, Triad Defense



Troy Dunn

Troy Dunn, instructor Triad Defense

Troy currently serves the in the private security industry as a director of operations for a New Mexico owned company.  With over 18 years of experience in the security field Troy still maintains a heavy involvement in field operations and training, often teaching classes for his officers in use of force, situational awareness, tactics, firearms, building clearing, alarm response, and threat assessment.

Security Achievements

  • TASER Instructor since 2009
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor – Handgun & Shotgun since 2009
  • FEMA - Emergency Management Institute – IS-00100, IS-00200.a, IS-00700.a, IS-00800, IS-907
  • American red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED & Blood borne Pathogens Instructor – since 2011
  • Understanding & planning for School Bomb Incidents – New Mexico Tech 2011
  • New Mexico Gang Task Force Seminar 2013
  • True Lies Detecting Deceivers – Code 4 2013
  • Licensed Level 3 Security Officer - NM Bureau of Private Investigators
  • Active shooter training with multiple law enforcement agencies
  • 1993 Certified as a Monadnok PR-24 Basic instructor thru New Mexico Department of Public Safety


Military Achievements

U.S. Marine Corps service                                                                  1983 – 1986

Served a 15 month tour Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Philippines as Sentry, Assistant Patrol Leader, Dispatch Weapons Custodian, Corporal of the Guard, & Squad Leader. 

  • MOS - infantry machine gunner (M60)
  • Recommended twice for meritorious promotion
  • Assistant Patrol Leader of one of the few Jungle patrols to capture trespassers in U.S. Naval Ammunition Magazine areas, in Subic Bay Philippines.
  • Trained as a pistol shooting coach to help qualify fellow military personnel.
  • Qualified expert rifle marksman, sharpshooter pistol marksman, 1st class machine gunner.
  • Graduated 2nd in class of weapons platoon Infantry Training School, Camp Pendleton
  • Assigned as Corporal of the Guard, Subic Bay, while still holding rank of Private First Class.
  • Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) school
  • Marine Corps Institute courses of study: M60 machinegun, basic rifleman, Non-Commissioned Officer leadership, guerilla warfare.

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