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Close Quarter Pistol Tactics

Upcoming Classes:

Continuing Education hours, as well as re-qualifications for CCW and Level 3, NM Security Officers are conducted on a continual basis. Call for details.

Level 2 and Level 3 Security Guard initial certification courses are scheduled as requested by agencies or individuals. Call for details.

February 1: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training

February 7: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training--Closed Special Training Session

February 10 and 11: New Mexico Concealed Carry Certification

February 15: Level 1 Security Guard Certification Training

February 17: Tactical Knife Seminar

February 24: Expandable Baton for Self Defense

February 25: Triad Defense instructor continuing education (closed to public)

This 8 hour course was developed for the practitioner of the fine art of firearms.  CQPT is not a live fire training program.  Instead it incorporates air soft equipment to simulate live fire. This course is intended for individuals who are serious about home security and personal survivability in the face of hand-to-hand confrontation.  This training is part of the Triad Defense progression of proficiency for the serious firearms practitioner.  This training incorporates and builds upon the skills learned during the Tactical Urban Pistol Training offered by Triad Defense. The avid gun enthusiast with fundamental firearms skills will be challenged in this training. Attendees will learn the following skills:

  • Home security
  • Home defense
  • Safe-room requirements
  • Family safety plans/ threat response
  • Ballistic concerns within a residence
  • In home firearm deployment principles
  • In home firearm deployment utilizing an armed partner (spouse, family member) 
  • Carbine, shotgun vs. pistol –Deployment principles within the home
  • Edged weaponry
  • Use of flashlight and residential interior lighting
  • Room clearing techniques
  • Hand-to-hand principles
  • Weapon retention tactics

This course is considered high stress training. The first 4 hours are devoted to developing basic hand-to-hand firearm survival skills, as well as home defense principles. The student will then be placed in survival scenarios which will require application of learned skills. Air soft guns will be incorporated within a shoot house. All equipment will be provided by Triad Defense. Attendees must expect to experience moderate to high levels of physical exertion and mental challenge. For more information or to reserve a slot in this training please contact David Brown by email (david@triaddefense.com) or direct at (505) 814-4128. 

The class will be held at Four Winds Martial Arts Academy

A printable flier for this class can be found here.

Map to Four Winds Martial Arts Academy

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